Pythagorean Theorem

Author: mshscott, published on 2014-02-09

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I was inspired to create this model for my grade 8 math class, and is a remix of the design by Isos, the chain for the smaller square prints assembled and will ensure that no pieces are lost in your classroom! The model is of the Pythagorean Triple with sides of 3 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm.

Be sure to share any models you make.

I have added an improved base, that will allow you to assemble into one piece – you won’t have to look for the chain or square again!

All parts were designed in Tinkercad links included below:


Model has been successfully printed in both PLA and ABS plastic using low settings with rafts.

Instructions for use with the improved base:

  1. Print the chain and square.

  2. While printing the base, you will need to use the “Z Pause Height” feature in the MakerBot menu (or similar feature on your printer). Set the Z Position to 10 mm and turn Pause Active on.

  3. Once paused, place the chain and square on the base in the correct orientation and resume printing.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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