RC Snow Tracks

Author: timogiles, published on 2015-01-29

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Tracks for 1/10 scale RC car / truck / buggy in style of Mattracks. I made them for my Vaterra Twin Hammers to drive in the snow. The tread and axles are from a Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set.

Video of the tracks in action: http://youtu.be/Olw4WwAe8B8


To make 4 Snow Tracks you need:

(2) Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Sets. You only need the tracks and the axles, you can discard the orange wheels in the kit.
(8) 6204 Bearings. I picked up a 10 pack from “usabearingsbelts” on ebay.
(8) 4-40 screws, 1″ long
(2) 4-40 screws, 1/2″ long
(2) 4-40 nuts

For each track print:
(1) Frame1b.stl
(1) MIRRORED Frame1b.stl
(1) 32_tooth_wheel_4.stl
(3) idler2.stl
(1) idler1.stl
(2) spacer_internal.stl

  • I put MIRRORED in all caps, because you need to mirror the .stl when you print it. I designed this all in DesignSpark Mechanical and there isn’t a tool to mirror a solid. I didn’t want to redraw pieces mirrored, and my UP! Mini’s software will mirror it if you scale by -1.

Use a dremel tool to cut the axles included in the Tamiya track kit so that you have (4) 0.7″ long axles for each track.

I found that it was best to secure the tracks to the vehicle so that the can’t rotate. If you are putting these on a twin hammers then you will want to also print:
(1) FrontStabilizer.stl
(1) MIRRORED FrontStabilizer.stl
(1) RearStabilizer.stl
(1) MIRRORED RearStabilizer.stl

If you want to make modifications to the design, install DesignSpark Mechanical (it’s free) and download all the .rsdoc files to the same directory. assembly1.rsdoc should open and show all the parts assembled together.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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