Robo Kitty v1.0

Author: Geoffro, published on 2015-03-16

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Update March 2016:
Development on this Kitty has not ceased, if anything it’s miles ahead. I have not posted an update for a while because of the amount that I have done to it now. So many opening compartments, all joints have been done, now I am just working on tolerances so people can print this as easily as possible no matter what printer you have.

There are several new heads, 4 new torso’s with different features, hands now rotate inside the cuffs too.

I got down to the fingers and decided.. hey- why not just do it all, so the fingers are also getting snap fit joints so they can be manipulated.

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**You will need to glue the neck to the head, but the neck slots into the body freely so it can rotate.

If anyone has ever used a program called Poser, they possibly played with a model called Robo Kitty by Sanctum art, released in about 2009. This low poly rigged figure, while ideal for poser was never really designed nor intended for 3D printing, but I have had a burning desire to rectify that and spend several weeks turning a solid low poly object , a high res prototype toy. I have put on hold many of my other projects to focus a bit on RK… I would like to make my next few uploads additions to him, like all the joints working. For now I have fused the parts. His head and arms are moveable.

“Why didn’t you complete the joints?”
Because it takes alot of time. The legs are tricky, they are not typical legs, they have 2 ball joints plus a rotating joint below the thigh, so it’s taking me some time to get it right. The elbow joints as you can see are not easy either. That’s two interlocking discs with ‘nipples’ in the centre to lock them in place.


In the spirit of letting people have things before they are actually completey finished (i.e instead of a teaser image and no files to download !) here is Robo Kitty for you to at least print version 1.0. After alot of sweat and tears, here he is. .. now its down to things like making all the joints moveable and other misc things.

I will add the remix option in the very near future don’t worry, just let me finish what I need to and save you some headaches by un-welding the legs.

Before commenting, I am already aware of the following…

  1. The tail does not fit in the socket well and yes it needs to be glued.
  2. The arm sockets DO fit in the joints but are fairly loose, meaning the arms will naturally fall to the side after alot of movement and things are not so tight.
  3. The elbows don’t move, yet.
  4. The knees don’t move, yet.
  5. I designed the neck pivot specifically with that taper on it, no its not a mistake. When you turn his head, because of the taper it pushes and lifts the chin upward, so Kitty looks upward when you turn his head instead of looking at the floor, it gives it much more character.

Please read the instructions for printing tips…


I printed my sample at 0.2mm in Grey ABS. I used this because it sands very well, and does not overheat like PLA can when sanding it.

The models are pretty high res, It requires little sanding, I just wanted a nice smooth finish as I was really aiming to push what can come out of my printer, and I have to say probably has to be one of the favourite things so far produced.

Supports and infill are required for this

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