Rotary to linear drive

Author: mgg942, published on 2015-10-29

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This is a reworked update of Things 614962 and 652717.
The geometry has been corrected to give a more truly linear output, and some fixing points have been enlarged for greater robustness.
A complete set of stl file have been uploaded here.
The model is based on mechanism 329 from
Designed in Moi and made in PLA on an Ultimaker 1.

An animation created in Blender is available here:
A video of the printed model is available here:
Note the flexing!

Print Settings

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2 mm layers

Infill: 40%



Generally I design holes in which something rotates to a nominal dimension such as 6mm diameter or 8mm diameter and the male parts about 0.3mm of 0.4mm under nominal.
Post printing I use hand reamers to bring the holes to the correct size and roundness.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: 507_movements, MOI, Rotary piston drive, Rotary to linear