Rubiks Void Oddity Cube (fully printable)

Author: Lochemage, published on 2013-09-24

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This is a variation of the Void Cube that does not require colored sides. Instead, each side has different sized edges and corners that distinguish them from the others. It also makes for a pretty odd looking cube when it’s scrambled (if you can still consider it a cube at that point)!

The cube is larger by an added 15mm on each axis, so it is quite a bit larger than a regular cube.

This version is actually a bit harder to twist because it’s more difficult to get all of the pieces aligned perfectly, the pieces are just so oddly shaped. Perhaps adding a little bit of rounding to the corners might make it easier. That being said, the puzzle itself is much more difficult than a normal stickered cube because now you have to deal with varying sizes and orientations.



You’ll need the inner edges and track rings from the original version, but instead of printing x copies of the original corner and edge pieces, you print one each of the pieces included here.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: Coreless, Cube, Oddity, Puzzle, Void