Rumoured iPhone 6, print your own!

Author: arthurtilly, published on 2014-05-09

Click this button to get the 3D model


Following the news on Macrumors of a 3d-printable file for the iphone 6 being announced for sale, it seemed a bit rich to have to pay for the file in the first place. It’s hardly a complicated shape, let’s face it, and the measurements are freely available as rumoured.

So, here’s an OpenSCad file to create one, and the STL file it makes. There are some comments in there, so you can adjust things to your personal rumour preference. And improve it, of course. It doesn’t print the expected lump on the back for the lens (that would mean the entire build would be on supports, or it would have to be printed a different way around). Neither does it have an apple logo or some other details that would be nice. Maybe I’ll improve it soon, or feel free to do so yourself…

After a bit of a problem with the printer, finally got out a low-resolution print successfully. It’s a bit lumpy but I suppose that’s what you expect with low-res. Perfectly good enough to feel the size, and it’s enormous. The photos show the 5.5″ (larger) version in black. The screen shot is printed from the image on

Details are your choice, of course, but there’s a page here that shows a suggested layout for the screen of the smaller 4.7″ iphone (printed above in white, in standard mode on a Replicator 5G):

SCad and STL files provided for both sizes.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike