Safe and secure Raspberry Pi B+ Case

Author: jayftee, published on 2014-08-09

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Made from the ground up, with the use of the model of the Raspberry Pi B+ model I published here: and of course an actual board I used for test fit the case (drawing go so far).

Overall, I used .2 and .25 mm gaps so, this case is a TIGHT FIT.

Meant to securely house a Raspberry Pi B+ v1.2 2014 board using 4x 20mm M3 socket head screws.

It is a “natural” evolution of the case I made for the previous version of the Raspberry Pi B board found here:

You can also find a similar case for the Raspberry Pi A+ board I made here:

Raspberry Pi 3 B:


Update, added new honeycomb top upon request.


This is the setup I used
.35 mm j-head
.25 mm layer height
125% for first layer
80% rectilinear in-fill
Fan always on except for first layer
2 vertical perimiters
2 bottom layers
2 top layers
This case was designed for .25 mm layer height.
Print a bottom and a top part without support.
Use 4x M3 20mm hex head to fasten.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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