Safe and secure Raspberry Pi Case

Author: jayftee, published on 2013-12-21

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This case is a remix of many cases all at once.

I’ve picked the best ideas I found around and merged them into one single case. This case has thicker walls and as such, it does not flex like most of the cases you can find on thingiverse.

I’ve made many fine adjustments, and added the use of screws to secure the case against tampering.

There is also a door mat for the SD card that protects it from accidental pull or bend.

The Raspberry Pi inside the case is a B model with 2011,12 markings next to the Pi logo.

You can find the other Safe and Secure cases here:

Case for the Raspberry Pi A+:

Case for the Raspberry Pi B+:

Raspberry Pi 3 & 2 B:



I have printed this at .25mm layer height with a .35 nozzle using 2 perimeters and 80% infill. No support.

Fasten with 4x 20mm M3 socket screws & nuts.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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