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Author: 3DModularSystems, published on 2015-06-21

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This thing presents both Scalar M and Scalar XL 3D printers.

Scalar Family 3D printers are “scalable” printers.
Reviewing the idea of a reprap printer, a printer that can auto replicate and scale, we wanted to propose a 3D printer with plastic parts for you to print, and with a way to “scale” easily.

That’s why we used 30×30 aluminum extrusion profiles as a base because:

  • It’s robust
  • It’s easy to find
  • It’s standard
  • It’s lightweight, afterall it’s alumunum 😉
  • It’s rigid!
  • It’s easy to screw
  • Many standard accessory parts already exist in metal such as metal brackets, supports etc….
  • It’s cheap.

Assembly videos

Assembly instructions:

Assembly instructions can be found on our website documentation page:


  • April 25th 2016: Update list of Owner’s upgrades
  • April 12th 2016: add missing Y_Axis_Idler_Holder_10mm.rsdoc
  • March 21th 2016: Update Y axis support for 8mm smooth rods holder.
  • March 15th: Adding LM10UU supports for Y axis bed support
  • Feb 26th 2016: Adding mirror version of Y axis motor holder (motor_holder_short_mirror) and a reversible version of the same part (motor_holder_short_reversible)
  • Feb 21th 2016:Add link to Z smooth rod aligner tool
  • Feb 18th 2016: adding link on how to play audio/music at the end of your prints
  • Feb 18th 2016: adding link to Compact Y axis upgrade
  • Jan 5th 2016: adding a simple PDF (PlasticPartBOM.pdf) with BOM of plastic parts to print.
  • Jan 3rd 2016: Add link to Scalar XL Upgrade – Idler fork for Metal Idler 16Teeth GT2 + 625ZZ bearing guides
  • Jan 3rd 2016: Add link to Scalar – UFO Spool Holder
  • Jan 3rd 2016: Add link to Ramps Lite accessory box
  • Jan 02nd 2016: Upload Extruder arm with passthrough hole for fixation.
  • December 18th 2015: Add link to Tennis ball dampers accessory thing
  • December 17th 2015: Adding link to Idler upgrade thing
  • December 12th 2015: adding most original cad files (.rsdoc) to be used with Designspark Mecanical
  • December 03rd 2015 : Added model SSR25_Cover 3.stl and rsdoc. The holes to access terminals have been removed as children can easily access these. Also they are not really needed so please consider using it instead of V2.
  • november 27th 2015: Added V2 version of the belt tensioner models. The bearing cage can now hold 2 625ZZ bearings making it more stable. The fork holder (Idler_V2.stl) inside size has slightly been updated to be compatible with the new cage (625ZZ_bearing_cage_V5.stl)
  • November 27th 2015: add section with improved models. Also add the improved model in this set of parts, it’s called Scalar – Extruder_Default_Support_plastic_connector_v2.stl
  • November 25th 2015: Update 625ZZ bearing cages, now supports 2 bearing, also updated the fork tensioner to be compatible with the new cage.
  • November 11th 2015: Add videos: X assembly instructions, extrudeur installation, hot end installation steps.
  • November 3rd 2015: Add Y axis rod supports for 10mm rods. (they are not tested however!)
  • October 31th 2015: add spool holder model
  • October 27 th 2015: Add 2 assembly videos
  • October 9th 2015: Adding missing models ( x axis and Z axis)
  • August 14th 2015: Adding some build plates for Y axis
  • August 12th 2015: Add Direct drive extruder for MK8 drive gear and heatbed powercord clip
  • August 03rd 2015: Added Remaining parts for Y Axis
  • August 03rd 2015: Add Y Axis Support for LM8UU bearings + Y Axis smooth rods holders
  • July 31th 2015: Add new Accessory links
  • July 3rd 2015: Add Spool Holder Accessory link
  • July 2nd 2015: upload of extruder parts


This thing is a remix from our original version:
Many of you liked it.
The main idea remains, but we adjusted the overall size to something more standard, and we reviewed/remodeled all the plastic parts to:

  • Have a better design
  • Have stronger parts.
  • Fix issues we had with large machines
  • Reduce noise
  • Increase Z axis threaded rod
  • Increase X axis smooth rod diameter
  • Implement inductive probe
  • Handle wiring
  • Upgrade heat bed system
  • Designed a box for the electronics
  • Get proper stepper motor lead wires length
  • Get a proper place for the Extruder
  • Improve the belt tensioner system on both X and Y axis

The Cool Stuffs



Hot end holders:


Upgrades from Scalar Owners:






Mainly all technical information can be found on our website:

But here is a summary of the main characteristics :

Scalar M :

  • Medium build platform: 200x300mm heat-bed
  • 12V 240w silicon heat-bed with a 3mm aluminum print surface
  • AluHotEnd V7 semi metal hot end as default with 0.4mm nozzle
  • Built-in blower fan
  • Built-in LCD and SD card support
  • Built-in spool holder
  • 360W 12V industrial power supply
  • Inductive probe for bed leveling
  • built in tensioner
  • Plastic parts available for different hot ends: E3D, AluHotEnd and Prometheus V1.1.
  • Can be upgraded into Scalar XL printer

Scalar XL:

  • Big build platform: 400x300mm heat-bed
  • 220V 700w silicon heat-bed with a 3mm aluminum print surface.
  • E3D V6 fullmetal hot end as default with 0.6mm nozzle
  • Built-in blower fan
  • Built-in LCD and SD card support
  • Built-in spool holder
  • 360W 12V industrial power supply for electronics
  • Inductive probe for bed leveling
  • built in tensioner
  • Plastic parts available for different hot ends: E3D, AluHotEnd and Prometheus V1.1.
  • Can be downgraded into Scalar M printer


Because you guys have different ways of life, events happening and so on, we wanted to make sure that those printers can be scaled by only adding the necessary parts to upgrade/downgrade your printers.
This way whenever you want the printer to be bigger or smaller (who knows !) then we have a kit for that:
We already have 2 expansion kits that we will release after the Kickstarter campaign:

  • 1 Upgrade kit to convert a Scalar M into Scalar XL printer
  • 1 Downgrade kit to convert a Scalar XL into Scalar M printer.

And we are also working on a “boxed” version of each model, and of course an upgrade kit for each so that you can go from any Scalar family 3D printer into the “boxed” version of it without buying a new printer. Just reuse the parts you already have and add what is missing.

Full Kit Available now

Printed parts


Scalar M:

  • 6x 400mm 3030 aluminum extrusion
  • 1x 500mm 3030 aluminum extrusion
  • 6x8mm Smooth rod 435mm long
  • 2x 435mm 8mm threaded rod

Scalar XL:

  • 2x 400mm 3030 aluminum extrusion
  • 2x 500mm 3030 aluminum extrusion
  • 2x 600mm 3030 aluminum extrusion
  • 1x 700mm 3030 aluminum extrusion
  • 2x8mm Smooth rod 435mm long
  • 2x8mm Smooth rod 500mm long
  • 2x10mm Smooth rod 660mm long
  • 2x 500mm 8mm threaded rod


  • 8x 3030 metalic squares
  • 32x M6x12mm screws + 32x M6 T-nuts for extrusion profiles.
  • 6 30mm caps for extrusions profiles
  • 2x M8 Nuts
  • 4x 625ZZ (count 6 if you are using 625ZZ_bearing_cage_V5.stl and Idler_V2.stl)
  • 2x 608ZZ
  • 2x GT2 16 teeth pulley
  • 2x couplers 5x8mm
  • 2x push to fit pneumatic connectors
  • 1X MK8 drive gear.
  • 2.5Meters of GT2, 2mm belt

  • 33x M6x12mm for plastic parts
  • 33x Tnuts for 3030 aluminum extrusions
  • 11x LM8UU bearings
  • 16x M3x12mm
  • about 50 X M3 nuts
  • 17x M3x8mm
  • 1x M3x60mm
  • 1x 20mm compression spring
  • A few M3 washers
  • 6x M3x20
  • 1x M3x25
  • 1x M3x40
  • 6X M4x8mm
  • a few (at least 20) 2.5x100mm colson/rilsan/trap nylon collars

  • 1x IC320 conector with fuse holder (for PSU)
  • 1x panel mount voltmeter (for PSU)

  • 2x Micro switch (with rollers)
  • 5x Nema 17 48mm height stepper motors
  • 1x Ramps 1.4
  • 1x Arduino mega 2560
  • 4x A4988 stepper drivers
  • 1x LCD2004 RRD display
  • 2X 100K 3950 +-1% thermistors with 1 meter lead wires
  • 1X 360W PSU
  • 1X hot end with it’s associated plastic holder
  • 1x 200×300 12V 220W silicon heater (Scalar M)
  • 1x 220x300x3mm aluminum plate(Scalar M)
  • 1x 220x300x10mm MDF plate(Scalar M)
  • 1x 300×400 220V 700W silicon heater (Scalar XL)
  • 1x 435x320x3mm aluminum plate(Scalar XL)
  • 1x 435x320x10mm MDF plate(Scalar XL)
  • 4x 3.5x20mm wood screws
  • 1X 80mm PC fan.

  • Optional: 1 DC-DC 25A SSR relay for heatbed (Scalar M)

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Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.15

Infill: 26%

How I Designed This

We used Design Spark Mecanical sponsored RadioSpares.
Great experience doing this, plus it’s very easy to create/update/maintain models once you get used to the tool.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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