Scarab Beetle Box (with secret lock)

Author: loubie, published on 2014-10-29

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The scarab beetle is a small model with a secret compartment which is accessed by pulling back a “drawer” and opening up the beetle’s wing case. The box is locked by closing the wing case and pushing the drawer back into place. Another Thingiverse user (sherpa_chris) came up with the idea of fixing the “head jewel” differently, so it can be used as a button to open the wing case (providing the drawer is pulled back) which enhances the model in my opinion. You can see his make here:

This model is styled after the “Egyptian Revival” of the 19th and early 20th centuries rather than Ancient Egypt. For more information, visit this excellent page
It is worth researching this style as it is beautiful and striking.
To the ancient Egyptians, the scarab beetle was symbolic of the sun (Ra) moving across the sky every day (the beetle rolling a ball of dung was seen to represent this). My model has a stylized beetle with a winged Ra between his two front feet.
The model consists of 12 parts which must be fitted together.
All pieces print without support.
It also has my design logo on the bottom of it:-)
UPDATE: I have uploaded a third version of the drawer file after it was noted that it had a tendency to fall open but the second version was too big. The file drawer_v3.stl file has a height of 12.45mm whereas the fitting for it int he middle_part.stl file is 12.5mm. This may require some sanding Thanks to MacGyver for pointing out the original issue to me and Botmaster for alerting me to the second problem.


The assembly instructions are here:

Please read these instructions as they will contain any updates I have had to make and instructions for modified files.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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