Scifi Small Part Storage Crates

Author: AndrewBougie, published on 2016-04-13

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Update 05/08/16

Looks like I’m featured! Be sure to share your makes here on Thingiverse and don’t forget to share pics and tag @andrewbougie on Twitter and Instagram. Also, it looks like there is already a stackable remix. Personally, I prefer the seamless outer wall look, but if you want something stackable, check out the remix tab. Happy printing!

Update 05/09/16

I have added variations of the standard and double wide bases to allow for either all large drawers or all small drawers.

Update 05/10/16

Added a standard and wide bin without the center divider so you have a full depth drawer option. Not enough? Still looking for a more customized (and complex) scifi crate experience? Check out this cool remix:

Recently I was in need of a small parts storage bin for my desk. I wanted something that had a bit of a sci-fi storage crate feel, so I created these models. The drawer and slots have just the right amount of tolerance to create a minor air seal if you close the drawers quickly. This was an unintended effect that adds to the sci-fi feel.

For scale, the standard base model in the featured image is about a 90mm cube with some extra depth from the handles on the drawers. Prints well without supports!

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Printrbot

Printer: Simple Black

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 200 microns

Infill: 25%

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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