ShipBuilder Starter Set

Author: Kevinkevin, published on 2014-08-29

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1-21-2015 Update: I’ve added individual files for most of the components – they may require re-sizing based on your individual printer, enjoy.

Everything you need to build your own custom spaceship, all printed together on one convenient plate. Command decks, cargo pods, communication arrays, engines, structural supports, and living quarters are all included, along with two display stands and clips to hold three lengths of 1.75 mm filament for assembly.
Update: Added a lower resolution version for easier handling.
Update 2: Added a looser fitting version for easier assembly.

EDIT: Thanks for “featuring”! I guess I’ll have to hurry up on set 2.

If you’re looking to have a copy of this printed locally, consider checking out 3D Hubs:


Printed on a Rep2 with low settings. You may need to scale the model up a few percent to ensure a good fit with your printer settings.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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