Skeleton (Snaps together and moveable)

Author: Davision3d, published on 2015-01-20

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A stylized skeleton made of bones that can be easily assembled without any glue, twine or bolts.

Arms, legs, spine and even fingers are moveable. It has similar constraints to a real skeleton. Works great as a toy, Halloween decoration or just something cool that can sit on your desk. If you like you could even put it on puppet strings. Or put a rope around its neck and hang it in your car.

Check it out in motion here:

[Update: Fixed the tiny default scale. It is now the same size I printed. Also new is a detailed instructions .pdf. Here is also a basic assemble gif: ]

The skeleton is a heavily modified version of the skeleton of the game Last Knight:

Here is a simple stand:


Should be printed in ABS to ensure stability and 0.2mm or lower to ensure the hooks are exact enough.

The default size is pretty much the smallest size possible.
Want it as a toy or not sure if your printer is precise enough? Just print it larger. You could also try the testbed stl first.

You could also print everything at once but it is recommended to print it as those 4 predefined batches so there is not a lot of time between each layer getting printed. The bones are also already orientated in a way so that hooks get the most stability. (layer orientation is very important for it, don’t matter much when up scaled.)

The .zip contains all the bones as separate files. Arm and leg are the right side version. (Viewer POV) For the left side simply mirror them in your printer program. (scale x -1)

Most bones snap together pretty straightforward with hooks, some force has to be applied though. Check out the quick graphical instructions here:

Note: When you put in the optional eyes you might not get them back out again.

You will find detailed instructions in the included .pdf.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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