Skull Playset

Author: faberdasher, published on 2013-10-09

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Raise your spirits this Halloween with our fun Skull Playset.

‘Skelly’ loves getting dressed up. So we created the perfect set of accessories for him!

Accessories include:

  1. Worm – Village Green^
  2. Rose – Fire Truck Red^ & Greenery Green^
  3. Star – Space Marine^
  4. Heart – Fire Truck Red^
  5. Marigold – Squeezed Orange^ / Mellow Yellow^
  6. Stitches – Woodland Brown^
  7. Eye patch – Robot Silver^
  8. Diamond – Crystal Clear^
  9. Emerald – Jade Green^ / Aurora^
  10. Filigree – Electric Blue^
  11. Moustache – Punk Star Pink^ / Woodland Brown^

Enjoy your Skull Playset! Mwahahahahhaaaa….


We suggest slicing the Skull at 0.3mm layer height with 2 shells and 1% infill. This prints quickly, but still gives nice results. You may want to go for slightly higher quality prints to capture the fine details of the accessories.

Stick on Skelly’s accessories with a spot of glue (we found glue dots work best and allow you to reposition accessories as you go).

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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