SmartPhone Microscope

Author: ajolivette, published on 2013-10-28

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This is not my invention. I found this in an article here.

The original design can be found here.

The great person who came up with this, has a good thing here. So, I made this version that does the same thing, but from a 3D Print.

You can print this in parts, and you don’t need to print all the parts if you don’t want to. Just the stand is good enough. You will need to get the focus lens of a cheap laser pointer. I was able to get one laser pointer for $0.94 and the other was given to me for free when I bought other things.

The focus lens should fit in the hole perfectly. I made all the parts, so they should print on any printer, and not take too much plastic.

You can really get amazing images from this method.

Print it, use it for research, donate one to a grade school classroom. Get them out there, and hopefully we’ll get more people interested in the science.

I have a default model, that should work with most smartphones and one specifically for the iPhone 5 and 5s. I’ll add iPhone 4, etc. If you have any suggestions please shoot them to me, or make changes yourself.

Do not sell this please, JUST donate them. 🙂


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