Snap Together Shutter Shades

Author: kataze, published on 2012-08-16

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I was really digging the original shutter shades, but I was at a loss for a good way to assemble them. Wire kept falling out, and I didn’t have screws small enough to use either. So I imported the model into sketchup and added nubs to the hinges and arms so that the arms will simply snap into the main body.

I’ve included the original sketchup file in case anyone wants to derive from it, but be warned: it was created using an STL importer plugin, so it’s quite a mess in there.


Simply print out the .STL and snap the arms into the hinges on the main frame of the glasses.

I’ve made 3 separate files (left arm, right arm, main frame) to divide the printing up, just in case it makes it easier on you, but the file with all the parts together should work just fine.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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