Snowflake Icosahedron Ornament

Author: pdragy, published on 2013-11-28

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Forget those boring 2D snowflake ornaments. This season decorate your holiday tree with one of these 3D modular geometric snowflake orbs.

Inspired by ITSPHUN shapes (, and Mother Nature (organic snowflake design).

Happy Holidays and Happy Making!


You will need 20 snowflakes. Either print snowflake_single.stl 19 times and snowflake_top.stl once, or print snowflake_all.stl which has all 20 pieces of the design and fits on the bed of a MakerBot Replicator 2.

I used PLA, 2 shells, 75% infill, standard (0.20mm) resolution, no raft. Print time was ~ 2 hours for the entire design. Use clear PLA for a realistic looking snowflake.

For assembly, connect the notches in the snowflake together, using the picture as a guide. Make sure the notches slide all the way together. (Hint: start with 5 snowflakes connected in a ring, as shown in the picture with the green snowflakes. Think of it as a soccer ball with only the white hexagonal faces).

If the fit is too tight for the material you are using, scale the model up 105%.

For a smaller ornament, you can construct an octahedron, using only 8 snowflakes instead of 20.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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