Solidoodle 2 Wire Bundle Management Things

Author: sparksm, published on 2013-06-20

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This was originally inspired from fredhag’s wire guide that was made for a Solidoodle 3. I tried that guide and found that it just wasn’t low enough for my wire bundle. I started a new one from scratch and dropped the overall design down further and added a more rounded slope.

After making the wire guide, I found that I still had issues with the wire bundle drooping and rubbing on the x-axis belt when the print head was roughly in the middle of the print surface. By simply manually holding the back end of the wire bundle up I found that the wire bundle had enough clearance to not rub on the belt. So, I made a little piece that’ll hold the back of the bundle up and help with drooping wire clearance against the x-axis belt. For me, there seems to still be enough stretch to make it to the far corner with no problem.

After making the wire bundle holder, I ran into another problem. While my wire bundle was no longer rubbing the belts, it was coming too close for comfort near the x-axis motor gear. I made a little wall / ramp in an effort to hold an wires out of the motor area.

The overall setup is still not working how I would like it to. The wire bundle doesn’t seem to work all the time. If I had to do it all over again, I would make Lawsy’s chain guide here: I think that’s probably the best universal solution to any Solidoodle wire bundle management issues. What worked for others did not work for me, and what works for me might not work for you.


These should print with just default Solidoodle settings in Pronterface or Reptier. For the wire holder, you might need to add some support in where it clips onto the case.

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