Soprano Ukulele

Author: 3DGuy, published on 2013-10-07

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Attention: This Thing was fraudulently entered and won second place in a recent Reddit hosted Lulzbot contest by Reddit user Blink_182 aka Hasan El-Hasan. Do not attempt to pass off my original work as your own!
Full size Soprano Ukulele with 13.875″ scale length. Bracing, bridge plate & bridge are all one piece with the body. Pre-slotted nut & frets are all one piece with the neck. The neck fits into the body via a dovetail, without any glue. Tuning pegs are “violin” friction style.


Printed on a Stratasys 1200es.

Originals printed in ABSplus .010″ resolution with SOLID infill. I cannot guarantee any other plastic working under string tension and any other infill.
Print the body back side down. Print the neck fingerboard side up. Print the tuning pegs (four required) with one side of the shaft flat to the print plate (I have found they are less likely to slip in this orientation).
Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but I have had issues with ABS warpage while printing the neck. The dovetail area warped so much that it affected the fit into the body. I have had to take a chisel and re-fit the neck to the body. Cut only the face of the neck that touches the body, NOT the sides of the dovetail, and focus on the heel cap area (small end). It is very easy to screw up the string height while doing this, as well as intonation, be aware. You may need to trim the bottom face of the dovetail and in turn will probably need to wrap paper shims around the back and sides of the dovetail if you alter the fit. No glue required if a tight fit is achieved.
To assemble place the back flat on a table, place the end of the neck into the body dovetail and one good strong push should set the neck. If you need to remove it place the heel cap on a table edge, keep it level and grab either side of the body around the neck with your thumbs and push down on the body.
The finished ukuleles pictured are versions I & II. I do not have the funds/interest to print and test more. This version uses a less traditional bracing system seen in version I because it sounds better than the more traditional bracing found in version II. I have not tested the fit of the finished tuning peg so I include a blank which will allow you to add your own 1/16″ hole and trim to length if necessary. The body was designed with a soluble support material in mind with a drainage hole near the neck block. I may add a version with a separate top soon when I have more time.

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