Space Goblin Mortar Canon

Author: Invaderben, published on 2013-11-10

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This is a multi-pieces miniature ideal for wargames. The part need to be glue. If you are confortabled with printing multiple pieces at once, you can use the Tray file that include all the parts. I include 2 versions of the shield, mortar, platform, subplatform and step, one have holes representing battle damages, the other without the holes. You should be able to print all the piece without additional support.


Sugested order of gluing

  • The 2 wheels and the axles
  • The platform on the subplatform. The side with the bolted bar should be on what will be the front (that where will be glue the shield) and the opposite side should be aligned with the bolt of the subplatform. All the textured part of the subplatform should stay visible at the end.
  • The mortar and the 2 mortar suport.
  • The mortar suport and the platform.
  • The axle under the base. Leave around the diameter of the axle before the border.
  • The platform and subplatform on the base, the bottom of the subplatform should fit on the 2 peg of the base and the platform on the front part of the base.
  • The shield on the front of the platform.
  • The step on the platform, the side where there no bolt.
  • The crank on the mortar suport, the side of the step.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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