Spray Can Pole Extension

Author: plainolddave, published on 2013-11-24

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Hi – this is a simple attachment to put a pressure pack spray can on the end of a pole. I use it to reach high into the branches of our fruit trees to zap the odd bug or two – you could also use it for spraying wasps or paint or pretty much anything you don’t want to get close to.

The spray can fits into the rings, then attach a piece of light line to pull the trigger and spray away.

Originally I printed the socket piece with an ACME thread however the plastic split on the first test (if you look closely at the photo you’ll see its held together with a cable tie). Eventually just went with a 1″ un-threaded socket for an ordinary broomstick – simple and strong.


Print one of everything, and two of the rings then assemble with seven M5 x 25mm or 3/16 x 1″ bolts. If you rotate the pieces around everything can be printed without support except for the socket – 20% infill and wall thickness of 3 will give it a bit of strength.

Add a 1″ broomstick and use a small screw or a nail to hold it in place. Tie on about 6 feet of light line to finish it off.

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