Spyda 500 Hexacopter

Author: Gyrobot, published on 2014-02-06

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Following on from the success of my Spyda 500 Quadcopter and after a few requests, here is the bigger sibling, The Spyda 500 Hexacopter.
Ideal for FPV flying to keep the props out of shot. It is also much easier to keep visually orientated in the sky.

8″ Props are positioned on a 500mm diameter circle, hence the name.
Unfortunately I have no intention of building a hex myself yet (need more parts) so I cannot provide pictures of one fully built. Still, by popular demand I offer this design to the multi-rotor community to re-mix, build and enjoy!!


You can use the stock DJI arms or print the ones included which I have uploaded, kindly remixed in this thing by Andycap. However, because I have kept the ability to use standard length DJI arms, there are two caveats.

  1. Only 8″ props can be used.
  2. Even with 8″ props, the central plates are still large at 200mm x 200mm. I include .dxf files for laser cutting.
    If anyone would like a smaller plate and can offer a remix of the DJI arm model in return, I will trade the following :
    “I will upload a smaller Spyda 500 Hex plate that is 167mm x 125mm for a DJI style arm based on the one included in this thing that is 35mm longer (by stretching the central lattice work).”
    Get re-mixing 😉

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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