Spyda 500 Quadcopter

Author: Gyrobot, published on 2013-10-05

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Create a “spider style” Quadcopter. ideal for FPV flying to keep the props out of shot.

It is also much easier to keep visually orientated in the sky.

Two versions of this thing :

  1. A central plate for the stock DJI 450 Flamewheel arms or you can print an optimised one supplied (without support).
  2. A central plate for the Crossfire printable arms (included) from MikeyB. Plus I include a re-mixed thicker version of these arms if you want to increase the plate distance.

Props are positioned on a 500mm diameter circle, hence the name.

The central plates are large enough to mount a variety of components. See my remixes for extra mountable components, eg GoPro Flexy Gimbal, standard GoPro mount and accessory pack

1st flight test video with a bit of FPV in there :
And a bit more flying over Uffington White Horse, Oxfordshire, UK:

Vertigo-blues has done a vibration analysis on his Spyda quad : http://www.vertigo-blues.com/3d-printed-spyda-500-apm-vibration-analysis/

EDIT 24/04/2014 : Uploaded a stronger V3 DEEJAYEYE arm with larger fillet at foot connection. Uploaded STEP file of arm and SPYDA DEEJAYEYE QUAD plate by request.
EDIT 24/01/2014 : Uploaded a stronger V2 DEEJAYEYE arm kindly remixed in this thing by Andycap.
EDIT 05/12/2013 : Uploaded DXF files for laser cutting.
EDIT 30/11/2013 : Uploaded a printable DJI replica arm.
EDIT 12/11/2013 : Added solid plate versions without the stiffening webs, for those who maybe want to mount components both sides. (with and without slot options).


Print x2 off whichever plate you require.

The plates can be mounted either way up according to which side you want to mount components too.

Note : The plate for the Crossfire arms has slightly modified geometry, the motors are still on a 500mm Dia circle but the 380mm and 325mm dimensions from the drawing are 390mm and 313 resp.

The next step is for me to design a servo based GoPro Hero3 gimbal, so watch this space.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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