Star Wars The Force Awakens – BB-8 Ball Droid

Author: lilykill, published on 2014-11-29

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This is the droid your looking for.

Just seen the trailer for episode 7 and thought this droid looked awesome. I still need to add more details but I just wanted to try and get the model done ASAP but cant wait to finish it when I get more details. The model is 1:1 scale with the head being roughly being the same diameter as R2’s. But this can be changed later when we know more about the droid.

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Edit:- 30/11/14
Just finished the model to the best reference images I have. Enjoy.

Edit:- 02/12/14
Two piece models added.

Edit:- 02/12/14
head and body without stub end and insert added.
hollow versions of body and head added.

Edit:- 03/12/14
Neck joint strengthened on single part STL

Edit:- 22/04/15
SolidWorks model added

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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