StarWars EpVII A New Helmet.

Author: Geoffro, published on 2014-11-02

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Yes typing error.. will fix if anyone notices it.
Is this the new helmet? I don’t know, but I hope so, it looks cool.
A user by the name of Smookcmb made a low res mesh.. he was pretty close.. it can be found here..
I took his mesh, converted it to an obj and then put it into zbrush to work out the details. I tried it in Blender but the Zbrush result looks better.
Now if we compare it to the leaked photo, the visor in the photo extends all the way around the top of the nose, there are no eye sockets like the traditional, so I went around those, of course added a gabillion polygons to it to smooth it over (second pic shows original mesh) and made a base and hole for it, which is optional.
Supports are required..
This is a work in progress as the helmet might change… and I need to remove the small lip that’s above the eyes if I want it closer to the leaked photo.
***Full size mask?
Not yet, let’s wait and see some more leaks before we go printing a full size one! that may have just been a prototype or test, so let’s not jump the gun too much.

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