Stick Drone

Author: sbloom67, published on 2014-03-08

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This is my first 3D Printed Drone. Had my first flight. It works great !!!


Print the following at 70% fill rate. We want this drone to be tough. The design is very light so far.
You need to print the following:
4 – Landing Foot – 8 grams each
4 – Landing Brace – 14 grams each
4 – Legs – 6 grams each
4 – Arms – 10 grams each
4 – Engine Mount – 7 grams each
4 – ESC Mounts – 4 grams each
2 – Body – 43 grams each
1 – Battery Box – 39 grams each
Total Grams = 321 (not counting electronics or screws)
I am using 4/40 machine screws. I have 1/2″, 7/8″ and 1″ size. I will give you a breakdown of how many per size each..
I am using 4 Turnigy XP 2836/8 motors that produce 1.2KG of thrust each. They each weigh 72 grams. I also am using Turnigy Multistar ESC that weigh 25 grams each. The battery that I am using is a Turnigy 20 – 30C / 5000watt / 3 cell battery. Its the heaviest part at 409 grams.
I am also using an APM 2.5 for the flight controller. There is a part for that. But if you want to use a KK 2.0 / 2.1 flight controller then just print out a second Power Mount part for that controller.
I will be adding more pictures as I print the final versions of the parts. I still have my FPV Transmitter to work on. Everything else should be almost final as of now. .

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