Super Game PiSP

Author: Carasibana, published on 2015-02-05

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When I first saw the PiGRRL released by Adafruit I knew that I had to build one, but I wanted to tweak it a little, then part way through my design process Adafruit upped their game and released the [Super Game Pi]( )!

But I had a problem, it was too large for my Printrbot! D:
So I designed this, my version of the Super Game Pi , which I call the Super Game PiSP, because I based the basic shape off of the PSP.

I had a few things in mind making it, namely:

  • It had to print on my Printrbot Simple Metal ( ~ 150mm ^3 volume )
  • I wanted to reduce the visibility of screws in the design ( my component mounting screws are internal )
  • I wanted a more rounded design
  • I wanted the battery to be internal
  • I wanted to use the Pi B+ ( and now it can use the Pi 2 B ! 😀 )
  • I wanted to use tac buttons , and not have to cut up a game controller PCB

So with those in mind I created this!

The electronics and setup are nearly identical to the guide for the Super Game Pi , except I used a Pi B+ , and tac switches instead of a hacked up game pad

I’ll post more detailed information later, but I want to get this released before I head to work! ( More detailed information now available on the instructions page, as well as pictures of the internals )

Inspired by, but not directly derived from the Super Game Pi ( used it as reference for quite a few measurements )


The assembly of this Thing is done entirely with 3/8 4-40 Machine screws, Two of which had to be cut off short unfortunately ( though it could work properly by not screwing them in entirely )

You will need a 4-40 tap to tap all of the screw holes.

Assemble the bottom three pieces together , and the top three pieces together. Then install the electronics. The screen slides into place, but you may need to flex the top piece slightly to get it to fit, and you may wish to secure it in place with a small amount of hot glue. The speakers and power switch will need to be secured with a small amount of hot glue. the battery pack is not secured in place, it is held in place by the PCB for the buttons above it when the enclosure is closed. All of the other pieces are held in place with machine screws.

** Note as Juper pointed out, you will need to cut the traces in between the button leads on your PCB for the Blue and Yellow buttons to prevent them from shorting out across each other.

Once all of the electronics are installed, carefully connect the top to the bottom and screw the enclosure shut.

The electronics used in this project are:

You will also need some through hole PCB to cut up and mount the buttons onto, such as the
Adafruit Perma-Proto Full-sized Breadboard PCB – Single I had an old Radio Shack one left over.

The software setup and electronics connections are very well explained in the Adafruit Super Game Pi Write up

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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