Sushi Maker Set

Author: MEH4d, published on 2014-05-29

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Making sushi has never been so fun and easy. With this set you can be a sushi master in no time!
-Fully printable. No support material needed.
-Includes 4 different shapes. (Large rectangle, small rectangle, round and heart shaped)
Let’s see how it works for you. Show us your creative sushi!



-Straight forward printing for all the parts at any preferred layer height.

-Please check the object dimension to make sure you can fit the parts on your bed.

-Highly recommend using a heated bed as all the parts are more than 100mm in length.

-You can print a fitting test (test models included) for the Heart Shaped Press handle before you print the whole thing to ensure best fit with the dovetail joint. If they really can’t fit, consider running a calibration on your printer for part fitting (Thing:342198) to ensure you have an optimal extrusion rate. However, the Heart Shape Press can still work without the handle, it is just less convenient to take it out of the base.

Sushi making:

-Use a wooden spatula to handle the rice. Dipping the spatula in water can help with preventing the rice from sticking to the handling tool. Or, just use wet fingers.

-Trim or fold (tuck in) the sides of the seaweed sheets to fit the frames if needed.

-If you can’t find seaweed sheets, you can also make egg sheets, or coat the sushi rice with sesame seeds at the end.

-If you want to cut the sushi, you must use a very sharp knife to get nice clean edges. Dull knives will ruin the sushi.

-No need to use traditional ingredients, you can be creative. Antipasto, pickled food, veggies…. anything you like!
Now show us your sushi!

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