Suzuki SV650 Aura Headlight Mounting and Support Brackets

Author: DanMoto, published on 2013-10-06

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This is my second revision of the Aura headlight mount. I decided to use the stock SV650 naked fork bracket instead of printing them to minimize modifications.

These mounts are specific to SV650 and Aura unlike my other mount.

Update: Nov 11, 2013. Tweaked the brackets a bit more. Now it fits like a glove.


The support bracket (L and R):
This is mounted inside of the headlight. It have a nut trap for a #8 nut and machine screw to mount the headlight fairing. Then a wood screw to mount it to the back of the bulb housing.

The Aura Mounts (L and R):
This is mounted to the stock SV650 naked headlight bracket using longer M6 x 30mm bolts. Then, the headlight fairing is mounted using a #8 and #6 machine screw and nuts. (Don’t ask me why I used SAE, it was cheap! lol). #6 nut trap is included.

The OEM gauge spacers are used to lower the gauge position for better fit. YOu can choose to lower it by 20mm or 30mm. You do have to cut part of the headlight fairing to make it fit.

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