T-800 Single and 3 Piece High Detail Head

Author: Geoffro, published on 2014-07-12

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Fixed the Jaw sitting flat on the plate (if it’s not flat still for you, use the lay flat feature – in makerware its flat on layer 0.1.) also added the full 38mb hi-res skull as requested. I have made the pipes Fatter! I was tired of them being too weak when printed small, so I increased the thickness of all the pipes by 2mm.
This is a remix of my other smoothed T-800, which was remixed from ToScH’s one, but I went a bit further this time. I made it even higher res, with more detail (literally sculpted out pieces) and then split it into 3 pieces, but they were split for printing specifically with little supports and to fix areas where a full print can fail, like the mouth/jaw pipes. Now you can print them the other way around. I also cut the slices so they would not interfere with the facial geometry. I removed all the supports that were under the chin so it’s as is now, so you could print it upsidown or normally, up to you. I cut the back of the cranium out so you can put led lights in easily to the eyes. If the like button gets clicked enough I might even cut out the eyes and make them all seperate and also add the CPU core screw cap 🙂

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