Tablet CD Mount (Nexus 7)

Author: ArtLabKY, published on 2013-04-19

Click this button to get the 3D model


Who the heck uses CDs anymore? Use the slot to mount a Nexus 7 & immediately upgrade your ride with GPS, internet music & all the other luxuries of this digital age. The weight of the Nexus 7 helps hold the dock tight, even on bumpy roads.

Keep in mind though, I designed this for a ’09 Mini Clubman so the SketchUp file is attached to widen/thin the hinges as needed (and alignment notches shouldn’t change size unless you reflect that in the other parts as well.) The model is designed to be printed on any 5″x5″+ printer.

Feel free to make a derivative to fit your own tablet by adjusting the width/height of part 2. Sorry for the messy geometry.


Print all three parts and attach. Make sure the back face is flush so your Nexus 7 rests on a flat surface. You’ll likely need to sand down the alignment notches a bit depending on the reliability of your machines.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

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