TARDIS Deluxe Kit

Author: countspatula, published on 2013-07-26

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TARDIS files have been updated as of 4-11-16. Includes new, simplified lighting parts and side panels to accommodate them. The new panels will still work with the old-style LED parts. Be sure to download and read the new TARDIS_Print_Guide.PDF

Lighting kits and labels are available on my Etsy store:

Charlesworth Dynamics is pleased to offer the TARDIS Deluxe Kit. I have yet to get a satisfactory print out of a TARDIS which prints standing up, so I designed this to print flat. It turns out better, faster and offers some nice customization options.

This is based directly off BBC blueprints from around Eccleston or early Tennant. Everything is designed to slot or snap together so glue isn’t necessary except for the lamp top to lamp shade since it’s so tiny.

The top comes off so the TARDIS can be used as a pencil holder, container, etc. Use the solid base in this case.


Make sure to download and read the ‘TARDIS_Print_Guide.PDF’.

If you have a PTouch label maker that interfaces with a computer, use the LBX files for labels, otherwise there are JPGs.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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