Tesla Model S Center Console

Author: OleEichhorn, published on 2013-09-11

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This is a self-printable Tesla Model S Center Console.

I designed it with TinkerCad and have printed it on a MakerBot Replicator 2. All you need besides filament and patience is an xacto knife and some superglue.

The drinkholders were tested with Diet Coke, various water bottles, a Tesla coffee mug, and an Amstel (!) Bigger drinks may not work. The phone holder was tested with an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Bigger phones may not work.

If you have problems with this please let me know – would love to improve it! – and you are successful with this please send me a picture!

[Update 10/13/14 … redesigned slightly to make it easier to print. I fused the top and bottom together and have positioned it at an angle so it can be printed as a single unit. This also greatly reduces warping, and it this angle the Tesla logo prints much better. Anyway I’ve uploaded the new files, if you had previously downloaded, you might want to check these out.]


All parts were printed with Standard settings and a raft on a Makerbot Replicator 2. No supports were used except as noted.
The drinkholder is now a single part that can be printed at an angle, with it’s own scaffolding. Fits nicely inside a Makerbot Rep 2 print envelope and avoids warping.

Print the arms sticking up in the air. This works better than on their side. Use supports for the tabs, easily removed.

Print the crossbars and center divider vertically, upside down. The side on the stage will be the least flat, so having it end up on top is best. You will need supports for the center divider, for the tabs, easily removed. No supports needed for the crossbars.

If you’re using a Makerbot you can use the platform_parts.thing file to print all the platform parts at once. Note they are rotated on the stage, this seems to reduce warping a bit.

Once you have all the parts printed, make sure all the parts mesh (see photo) and use an xacto knife to trim as necessary. Glue the crossbars to the center divider, then glue the arms to the crossbars. Finally glue the pins on the arms to the drinkholder. Enjoy!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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