The Ultimate box maker

Author: Heartman, published on 2016-01-13

Click this button to get the 3D model



The file include now the Panel Maker.
Check below in the Experimental area to download it.

My first try with OpenScad,
the box is fully customizable.
I hope you will enjoy with it, and will show us many boxes made with.

If you play with the Fillet value you will go from the sharp to the round sides box
If you want a chanfered box, set Resolution to 1.

To export each single piece, just set the other elements to No value.
The Top and Bottom Shells are the same,
so it’s not necessary to export them two times, except if you use the PCB feet option.

Check the animation below to see how to design your own box.

You can change the text shape with any font listed here .

Have fun 😉


  • Feb 12 2016
    Minor bug fixed on unaligned hole when using more than 2mm thickness.
  • March 01 2016
    Added the decoration/holes options. (Thanks Ettie for your contribution)
  • March 09 2016
    Added PCB feet support, fixed the shell artefact on export mode.

Please, read as well.
The PCB feet dimensions are all starting from the foot axis center.
it’s not the circuit board size, holes center only(!)


Check below, some animated pictures showing how to use the Ultimate Box maker online.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: RepRap

Printer: Home made

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Doesn’t Matter

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 30%


Show me how it works…

General demonstration

Here is a small demonstration how to use the Customizer to have separate pieces box.
The top and bottom shells are the same, so it’s not necessary to make 2 differents stl files.
If the front Panel is without text, then the back and front panels are the same, so again,
just export one.


right click on the animated pic, and choose “view image” to watch it in full size

PCB feet


right click on the pic, and choose “view image” to watch it in full size

Enjoy guys, and show us your printed boxes… 😉

Experimental Area

With Panel Maker

This release include a panel maker.
fully working, just for the moment, I didn’t find the good way to present it within the online customizer.
Not easy to make something easy to use…

Anyway, it stay easy to use, through Openscad. with few option, you will be able to create the panel that you need without limitation, or almost…



To build your own panel, you have 4 tools:

   Cutting shapes

  • Square
  • Circle

   Text label

  • Linear text
  • Circular text

SquareHole (1,20,20,15,10,1); //(On/Off, Xpos,Ypos,Length,Width,Fillet)
CylinderHole(1,27,40,8); //(On/Off, Xpos, Ypos, Diameter)

LText(1,20,83,”Arial Black”,4,”Digital Screen”); //(On/Off, Xpos, Ypos, “Font”, Size, “Text”)
CText(1,93,29,”Arial”,4,10,180,0,”ABCD”); //(On/Off, Xpos, Ypos, “Font”, Size, Diameter, Arc(Deg), Starting Angle(Deg),”Text”)

right click on the animated pic, and choose “view image” to watch it in full size


You can download the animation and read it with the excellent Gifviewer open source freeware, to pause the animation when needed.

Here you can download The Ultimate BOX & PANEL maker.
I hope you will enjoy with.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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