Threaded Filament Dust Filter – Universal

Author: ppyromann, published on 2013-09-20

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Adapted from the Filament filters of both CreativeTools & sfernald. Just like the previous designs this uses a sponge to wipe dust and debris from the filament just before it enters the extruder.

Major Update!! (03-05-2015)

  • Filter is now universal with multiple connection ends, Mix and match one male and one female to create the filter that works for you. Works with 3mm or 1.75mm filament!
  • Improved threads have less engagement and more clearance to work more reliably, without requiring as much accuracy in printing.
  • Male end has a much larger surface to grab than before and texture has been added to both pieces to help open and close.
  • Hole in 1.75mm connector has been enlarged to try to prevent the need to drill after printing.
  • Still prints without the need of supports.

Connections available

  • Male 1.75mm Filament – for attaching directly to extruder or other hole
  • Male 3mm Filament – for attaching directly to extruder or other hole
  • Tube Connector – for attaching to ends of tubing or spicing inline with a tube.
  • Flat – for simple filters unconnected & just placed on filament.


Recommend printing with a layer height of .15mm or less, with 30% infill or more.

The hole in the male end 1.75mm tends to close up if printed too fast or without enough cooling. Hole is modeled @ 2.5 mm. If filament does not fit simply ream with a 2mm or 5/64″ drill bit. Printing 2, or something else that is at least as tall, at the same time also will help. This allows previous layers to cool before building new ones.

Original file still available for anyone that still wants it…

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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