Tiger 1 Tank Sized for Memoir ’44

Author: rbross, published on 2013-10-28

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This is a remix of Henrik Bjorkman’s excellent “simplified tiger tank” (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:90265), reduced in scale and adjusted here and there for use in the Memoir ’44 board game.

As I think Henrik does, I print these vertically, and I’ve found that a fairly large base is needed to keep the model from breaking away from the platform when printing at this scale. The disc base in the vertical model is easily cut away after the build.

I’m continuing Henrik’s practice of including the OpenSCAD source for the model, in case someone would like to hack on it.


These were printed on a Replicator 2X at 0.15mm layers, 2 shells, and 15% infill. Some were printed with Milliard Gun Metal Grey ABS, others with Octave Green ABS. I had a little better luck with the green, but the grey ones don’t really need to be painted…

I use paints that I have around for miniature painting to finish these. I’ve kept the number of paints down in case someone wants to do this and doesn’t already have dozens of bottles of paint around; however, there are probably better colors for painting Tiger tanks than my selections.

The tanks were finished as follows:

  1. Spray primed with grey primer.
  2. Base coated with 1:1:1 Leather Brown : Skeleton Bone : Moon Yellow mix.
  3. Tracks, etc. painted with 4:1 Stone Grey : Black mix. Note: 5:1 might be better.
  4. Spots painted with Leather Brown, slightly watered down.
  5. Shadows painted around hatches, etc. with Beastly Brown.
  6. Tops of hatches, edges, etc. highlighted with Skeleton Bone.
  7. Krylon clear gloss, two coats.
  8. Army Painter anti shine spray to finish.

License: GNU – GPL

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