Author: idea_beans, published on 2013-08-04

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This week I decided to build a full functioning bear trap based on images found on Google.

I worked out in theory how the mechanism should work for the trap, and then spent hours CAD up the parts to fit together nicely with the right tolerance, so the springs and latches will work smoothly.

Result? The teeth bite FAST!

The only downside of printing with ABS is that the 2 side arms break after me playing with it too many times. No worries though. I’ve designed it the way so they can be easily replaced with new springy arms. Next lot I’ll print them with rubber-like ABS. That should last me a while!

Caught a finger –

Caught a banana –

*UPDATE – new STL files have been uploaded with minor adjustments on tolerance and build plate arrangement.


Version 2 have been uploaded – with wider base and modified springy arms for better stability. Jaws have also been modified so they close up better.

The screws will need some sanding to make the trigger latch rotate smoothly. The less friction at the pivot the faster the teeth bite.

The tiny piece of springy thingie underneath the trigger plate will need to be glued at the right angle. Some adjustments required after assembling the trap.

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