Turbine Blower, housing, and motor electric motor mount.

Author: johnnyrobot, published on 2013-12-21

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Update: Added Motor_Plate_12-19-13.stp, Motor_Plate_12-19-13.igs, Turbine_12-19-13.stp and Turbine_12-19-13.igs. I’ve had requests to add solid files for the motor mounting plate so people could modify it to fit their specific motor.

This turbine blower assembly was inspired by http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39755.

I had some problems finding the right motor/gear combination so I modified the turbine so that it could fit a common 9-18V electric motor. I believe I used a Radio Shack# 273-256

The upper housing has added support in the output tube that can easily be cut out.

3/24/14 – Added solid models! Enjoy!

The hardware required is:

7 M3-.5X10mm Socket cap screws.
7 M3-.5 Nylon Lock Nuts
14 M3 Flat Washers

and 2 screws for the motor. I don’t know the exact size. I couldn’t find them at the Home Depot. I robbed them from a junk laptop I had in my basement. (Possibly M2 or M2.5?)


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