Author: egon, published on 2014-05-01

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I really like to create movable toys that you can print pre-assembled, so I made a little friend for the Ape figurine.
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*Update: Version 2.0 has more support included that will make it stick better to the platform and will help getting a smoother print.

*Update: Version 2.1 the different parts are now solid, the toys seems strong enough without the inner walls. So this means faster printing and should be done in about 25 minutes and still only uses 4 grams of filament.


It’s a easy print and doesn’t need support anymore!
I updated the Turtle with some minor changes and also included a small pillar under the neck that you have to break or cut off after printing, this might be a bit tricky, let me know please.
I would also advise to use a brim to keep the different parts better in place while printing.
The latest version should print in less than 25 minutes and uses about 4 grams of plastics with the settings below:

Print speed 50 mm/s
Bottom, outer wall and top 0.5 mm
Layer height 0.15 mm
Infill 25% with a speed of 75 mm/s

If you want a really nice print, just lower the layer height.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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