UARM Reverse engineering (OPEN SOURCE PROJECT)

Author: Armatec, published on 2014-05-04

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“UARM Reverse Eng.” is an open project I started to learn about open source industrial robotics, a vision of mine is to build larger versions that can be used in factories like the standard KUKA and FANUC robots but for 1/10th the cost and completely open to the public with the mechanical and digital architecture. This project was inspired by the guys at UFactory, and their uArm Kickstarter project (link below) that I came across when I googled “open source industrial robot”. For the record, I have nothing but respect for those guys but I could not wait for their timeline in releasing all of the data on their project so I started my own here.
Feel free to join me in building a micro industrial robot, I would be happy to accept any help, questions, criticisms, etc.
Lance Pierson- (6/12/2014)
Original Statement: (May 2014)
“After seeing that the makers of UARM won their kickstarter campaign, many of us have been waiting for them to release their plans. Supposedly it is going to be opensource hardware and software, since they got the kickstarter money we have’nt seen any open sourcing, so I got impatient and drew up a rough mockup in google sketchup. I wanted to make this public just in case there were more people like me wanting to see some plans. Keep in mind that this is an aproximation based on pictures of the parts.
For more on UARM check out:
ignore the STL for now, its the SKP file that I am sharing here, you can generate the STL’s from google sketchup”
About me:
My name is Lance Pierson 31 yrs old, I live in the SF Bay Area of California, I am a father of a 1 year old and a husband. Basically an average family guy who likes to nerd it up.
Education: Kahn Acadamy lol! I do a lot of research on the interwebs, but formally I am a High school graduate, some Junior college courses.
Work: I work in high end woodworking for art material, mainly large stretched canvases for professional painters. I have worked in my current occupation for 13 years.
PM me on Thingiverse or email me at [email protected]


“uarm-1.snapshot.2.0” The STL’s are made by me based of of the pictures of the uArm technical papers of the servos bolts, and bearings, a bit of creative changes have been made to the original design which I did not have access to.
Check out the sketchup file I release all of my design notes that way, I will release a detailed paper once “Type A” is finished (TA_)
Feel free to pm me if you have any questions or comments.
You can also hit me up at:
[email protected]
How I made the original model:
google sketckup, import photo and trace parts, then assemble them
for more detail email me at [email protected]
I am making several design iterations daily, I will release a section with the corresponding SKP file once a week until the first model is done.
Further models will be improved upon in design, along with schematics, software and parts lists.
There will be three classes released.
S-Class (Acrylic-Small hobby experimental version)
M-Class (Aluminum-Medium size college training tool)
L-Class (Steel-Large Industrial version)

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