Universal Camera/Phone Stand

Author: dsc68, published on 2015-11-13

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I recently saw a design for a polyhedron stand that allowed you to position your GoPro camera in any of 20 different fixed orientations without needing a full tripod. There are a couple of similar designs here and here on Thingiverse. Whilst they are interesting designs, I couldn’t help thinking it was a bit of a complex solution for such a simple problem.

My solution is a very basic design which provides maximum flexibility with these features:

  • customisable to suit any camera or phone
  • 20 roll positions in landscape and portrait through a full 360deg at 11.25deg steps
  • 20 pitch positions in portrait through a full 360deg at 11.25deg steps
  • up to 6 pitch positions in landscape though +/-45deg at 11.25deg steps (balancing can be difficult in this orientation)

The mounting positions are slightly offset to accommodate an off-centre centre of gravity in the camera. If you have trouble balancing your camera in any position, try turning it around 180deg.

Update: A few people have asked for a GoPro case version of the stand.

I have also added a larger version that is suitable for larger DSLR and video cameras, or any camera that isn’t square but has a tripod mount

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