Updated! Herb Grinder – New release

Author: RenatoT, published on 2013-12-09

Click this button to get the 3D model


Is uploaded also the free versions without sign or wrote.
So everyone can customize it.

V2 – some fix on the geometry to produce correct path.
Now i’m printing it with pause at 0.80 and 9.00 to switch filament.
This is a working grinder printed without support and raft at 90/150mm speed x 230 degree (standard settings on makerware).
It’s for a friend that have a Shop here in Canarias.
Print time: 2h 25m with 2 filament change (3 colors).
Filament was changed at Zpos 0.60mm and 9.20mm.
Maybe better to pause at Zpos 9.00mm to fill better the last filament

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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