Vacuum Dremel with integrated RPM control

Author: yzorg, published on 2013-11-09

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This is in Beta state.. it works (better videos are coming soon)
Highspeed ball bearings are definitely needed…
Be welcome to help making some parts more adaptive with customizer or openscad.. i cant do this myself.

Easy maintainance…
Its friction fitted onto the Vacuum Turbine thing:

also friction fitted to my vacuumtube… (not very stable)
Still needs some proper adapters. Maybe a inner-cone in Bendlay..

The Turbine is surprisingly strong on a Dyson 1200Watt Vacuum..
So i definitely can use this as a tool.. I dont leave it to run on maximum speed and load for longer than 30sec…
just so it doesnt melt away.. (prototype is made in PLA)
-> Heats up quite fast when drilling on harder materials.

The grip and the rpm control lever work but thers quite some potential for improvement.. like a spring and overal stronger build. maybe angle of the grip should be adjustable in a future Openscad version..


Pay attention to which turning direction you need.
(the bits can be left or right turning ones..)
To change the turning direction you have to mirror all turbine-parts.
This way you can build a right- and left-turning one.

keep in mind, Opensource always should be metric.

so ID for the axis in my turbines is 6mm.
The turbine blades are held by friction right now.. i want to add a fix later.

  • Mirror the Gripthing for completing the part.. (glue it together)

  • Drill the holes in the receiver part so bolts glide easily.

The whole thing will be made compatible with these Drillbitholders:

With this way i can have a smooth rod axis that needs no special machining.

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