[Ver2] 360 Spherical Video Mount for GoPro Hero3/4

Author: RaymondHOPK, published on 2015-10-07

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Version 2 Brand new design is done!
Why re-design Ver2 Mount:
1: 6 camera lens relocate to exactly XYZ axis, more easy to stitch a best image.
2: New camera holder, improve camera cooling performance.
3: Every cameras only use 1 screw to mount it, you can replace the battery more quickly!

V2 Screws:
1 X 1/4″ Hex Bolt (For any standard tripod/adaptor)
6 X M3x40mm Screws
6 X M3 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

V1 Screws:
1X 1/4″ Hex Bolt (For any standard tripod/adaptor)
18X M3x35mm Socket Screws
18X M3 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

Sample Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEgL8umN1w4

Videos stitching Software: Kolor Autopana Video


Print Settings

Printer: Kossel mini

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 30%


License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial