Author: barney, published on 2013-04-03

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This is an updated version of my previous posable robot action figure –

The joints have been completely redesigned, adding sturdiness with a more realistic degree of freedom so it can now balance on one foot without falling over. It’s also more compact and a slightly different proportion to the previous design.

Update – There’s now an image with Vertex side by side with a Lego Hero Factory figure for size reference.

Update 2 – I’ve uploaded a new upper leg stl that’s not as unnecessarily dense as the previous file so hopefully there shouldn’t be any problems slicing it.

UPDATE 3 – There are 2 new zip folders one contains 3dm files of the whole figure and the other just contains the individual joints. Feel free to use these files to create your own designs.

Update 4 – Inspired by Toy story I decided to add a name onto the foot of the action figure although I used the robots name instead of my own. I’ve added an image to illustrate.


The example pictured was sliced in makerware with 3 shells, 5% infill and 0.1mm layer height. No support material is needed.

I would suggest if you’re printing in PLA really lightly sand down each of the contact surfaces of the joints because the shiny surface of PLA can make the joints start to slip after a while. I’m not sure if ABS would require the same treatment.

Certain parts like the hips and upper legs have pins to provide a friction fit for the two halves, on my print they required a bit of a sand to fit in place but I eventually ended up glueing them anyway.

All the filament used was purchased from Faberdashery, the inserts are glow in the dark.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

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