VESA mount 2.5 inch external hard drive

Author: Craigtech, published on 2013-11-16

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2.5 inch hard drive enclosure that screws to the VESA mount on the rear of monitor/all-in-one PC.
I wanted another hard drive for my Aspire all-in-one but no room inside chassis. I modified another case I found on here and after a quick spray paint it nearly looks like it’s meant to be there.


Might have to change dimensions of vent in lid – I ended up cutting it out with a dremel rather than re-printing it – the vent looked funny and needed to be more open.
Don’t forget to countersink the mounting screws and add some insulation in the bottom of the enclosure (eg sheet of plastic packaging cut to size.) –you don’t want to short out the hard drive controller PCB.
No screws required to hold the hard drive in the enclosure.

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