Victorian House Construction Set

Author: Herrigold, published on 2015-01-12

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Print these building parts and have fun putting it together! There are some variation in parts so that you can print multiple buildings and they will appear unique.

Has been designed for miniwargaming at 28mm scale, but it makes a nice model for your desk too.

Printed on a Printrbot Simple Metal with PLA, Some warping, but the model still goes together well.


2 types of Floor1 models, your choice and they can be the same.
2 types of Floor2 models, your choice and they can be the same.
2 of the model called Floor1_Side (works on both sides)
1 of the model called Floor2_Side_01 (for the chimney side)
1 of the model called Floor2_Side_02 (for the non-chimney side)
1 Chimney model
1 of the model called Roof_a
1 of the model called Roof_b (a mirror of roof_a)

Assembly is described in the images:

  1. Put all walls together, including the lower chimney piece onto the side wall.
  2. Slide the front walls, back walls and roof pieces into the chimney wall.
  3. Fit the remaining side wall into the slots of the other side.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: 28mm, architecture, building, shoppe, victorian, wargaming