VR Goggles remix Note 3, Note3 and other large phones Dive inspired

Author: scvette, published on 2014-04-23

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This is a remix of Croccy22’s great VR googles made to fit the larger phones like my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, new Note 4 and other large screen phones including the IPhone 6 and 6Plus.
It took quite a bit of remodeling to fit the phone and then the face.
This VR Note 3 version uses the larger 1.5″ lenses and modified holder made by tlalexander found here
Using these lenses taken out of a magnifier:
UltraOptix SV-2LPLED 7X Aspheric LED Lighted Magnifier.
Oculus DK2 now using same Samsung Note 3 screen and this is way better than the Google Cardboard


I printed all the parts on my Trinity Labs Aluminatus at large layer height of .300mm and a 0.75mm nozzle in black ABS. Bed attachment feet included in .stl models to keep model attached to bed, just trim off after printing with exacto knife.
Used hot melt glue gun to attach padding to phone and face side. Weather strip padding found at Home Depot works great.
On my version I used a 3mm brass hot set insert on the lenses bracket and a 3mm bolt with press on red thumb screw for adjusting the lenses position. The bracket bolt hole is sized just under 5mm diameter for the brass insert. A 5mm bolt may thread in without all the extra hardware.
1.5″ elastic strap for the head band works good.
1.5″ lens in UltraOptix SV-2LPLED 7X Aspheric LED Lighted Magnifier found many places on Internet.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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