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Author: Zampik, published on 2014-07-10

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Final shapes of 3D printed vases by FDM (FFF) technology. Printed on demand in any color available on the market.
Development of a product by 3D printing. Result of continuous development and study of desktop 3D printing by FDM (FFF) technology. Development trying to improving shape construction according technological specificum to achieve optimal printing time while preserving designer idea and without need for support.
It can be printed in 0.3mm layer height and it still look great. Actually I’m using appearance of layering to support or complement of actual design.
I’m able to print the vase in good quality in four and half hours. So challenge me 🙂

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives

Tags: accessories, decoration, flower, home, pla, ribon, table_top, vase, water