WAVE desktop tidy collection

Author: tone001, published on 2015-07-21

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An update of my Zigzag desk tidy, this collection now includes 5 different waveforms as desktop trays.

All are simple to print, and include minimal supported versions where required. You’ll want to print about 180mm x 180mm for pens, or smaller for rings, batteries, screws or paper clips!

The 5 waveforms are:

  • Sawtooth
  • Sine
  • Square
  • Triangle (previously zigzag)
  • Scallop

Feedback appreciated, and ideas for a second collection welcome!


Print the trays standing vertically, with minimal infill.

Layer height depends on quality required, and speed of print (at 0.15mm it can take a while)

There are versions of the Square and Sawtooth trays with added minimal supports, which are easy to snap off.

Remember to make sure you have random layer start points turned on to counter seams or scars.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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